AI at bytedance
AI technology is at the heart of all of ByteDance’s content platforms. We build intelligent machines that are capable of understanding and analyzing texts, images and videos using natural language processing and computer vision technology, then we use large-scale machine learning and deep learning algorithms to serve users with the content that they will find most interesting.
Effortless content discovery
On any ByteDance content platform, you don’t need to provide any explicit input or your social graph. The technology embedded in our platforms learn about your interests and preferences through your interactions with the content—your taps, swipes, time spent on each article, time of the day you read, pauses, comments, dislikes, favorites, etc. The result is a personalized, extensive, and high-quality content feed created specifically for you each time you open the apps.
A virtuous cycle of AI
ByteDance has accumulated a vast amount of content and social media created by people and rich engagement data across our various products. This massive data is fed into our machine learning algorithms, which further refines the quality of users’ content feed and enhances the content experience, which in turn encourages more engagement and generates more data to be fed back into our algorithms. We use this virtuous cycle to optimize every stage of the "content lifecycle"—creation, moderation, curation, recommendation and interaction.
New AI-powered information/content platform
ByteDance and its affiliated companies have been granted and awarded a great number of patents and designs by China, US and European patent offices. Technologies cover across many disciplines including machine vision, image processing, mobile internet, multimedia interactivity, big data analysis, data storage and compression, audio and video processing, and natural language processing.